Electricsense Podcast: Do You Have A Genetic Disposition That Makes You More Susceptible to EMF Exposures?

Interview – Genetic susceptibility and EMFsListen to my interview with Carolyn Ledowsky and discover:

  • How, according to Carolyn’s research, some people have a genetic susceptibility that makes them more vulnerable in the face of EMFs
  • An on-line resource that enables you to easily test if you have this genetic susceptibility – Carolyn also has a program to deal with it
  • How chronic infections cause inflammation and affect your detox pathways and how this can also make you more sensitive to EMFs
  • How (often invisible) mold in your home can then stay in your system for years (even decades), interplay with EMFs and destroy your health
  • 4 steps to deals with your sensitivities, to address your health issues, understand them, and work towards your body’s natural healing
  • The double whammy – how your genes can be the source of your EMF sensitivity, and how your exposure to EMFs can also CAUSE epigenetic change
  • How detoxing can be a very delicate process, and what and how to best open the detox pathways to reclaim your health
  • How the foods that you are eating can mean your body assimilates the wrong form of folate – which can contribute to cancer and many fertility issues
  • Why being a vegan and/or vegetarian is possibly the worst thing you can do for your health