Our Team

Carolyn Ledowsky – Founder of MTHFR Support Australia and Naturopath

Carolyn Ledowsky is the founder of MTHFR Support Australia. She is a naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist who has a Bachelor of Herbal Medicine, Bachelor of Naturopathy, Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and Diploma of Nutrition, also having studied courses in genetics at Duke University and The University of Maryland in the US. You can learn more about Carolyn and her journey to specialising in MTHFR by clicking here. 

Carolyn is a results-oriented health expert who has the ability to provide straightforward and practical advice to address your specific health issues, working with you through the entire course of your healing. Carolyn’s key focus is looking at how your genes impact your health and make you more susceptible to disease. This insight and a thorough health history is invaluable in setting a correct path for your future health.

Carolyn is a regular speaker at MTHFR events and provides both patient and practitioner training through her many webinars/presentations and on-line learning environments. She regularly contributes to Dr Jess Armine’s radio programme on Blog Talk Radio in the US, has worked with supplement company Nutrition Care on a national MTHFR speaking tour and is an expert contributor at Conceive Baby.

Kate Troup – Naturopath

With 25 years’ experience as a Naturopath including a wealth of practice in all elements of
methylation at MTHFR Support, Kate’s knowledge, experience and wisdom helps to guide people
back to their best state of health.

Her in depth understanding and experience in dealing with MTHFR and methylation, as well as other
genetic areas such as COMT, MAO and CBS, gives Kate a unique insight to the possible causes of
many common health concerns.

Kate combines leading-edge scientific expertise with traditional know-how, and a wealth of
experience from many years of clinical practice. Adept at utilising and interpreting cutting edge
functional health testing including 23andme, AncestryDNA, DUTCH, OAT, CDSA, heavy metals, mould toxicity and nutrient levels, Kate will bring together all facets of your health to develop a tailored holistic plan incorporating diet, nutrition and lifestyle, just for you.

In addition to her in-depth authority of all aspects of methylation such as fertility and pregnancy,
preventative health and general wellbeing, Kate has a particular interest in complex issues such as
digestive health including SIBO, histamine intolerance and mast cell activation, CFS, mould toxicity
and MCS, and how methylation can play a significant role in them.

Kristen Soper – MTHFR and Methylation Clinical Nutritionist

Kristen is a functional-medicine Clinical Nutritionist specialising in MTHFR and methylation. She has a special interest in chronic health conditions, mood disorders and digestive health. She also has a special interest in kids’ health, specifically in addressing mood and behaviours.

She has helped hundreds of patients regain health with her cutting-edge knowledge of the biochemical pathways and MTHFR… “When you give the body what it needs to heal by rectifying deficiencies, optimising methylation co-factors, cleaning up the diet and addressing the underlying pathophysiology such as inflammation; the journey back to health can begin”.

Kristen is passionate about the integration between the latest science, holistic nutrition and epigenetics and firmly believes the future of healthcare relies on all working together. Based on your presenting symptoms, pathology tests, your MTHFR mutation and other genetic SNPs such as COMT or CBS, an appointment with Kristen will include a personalised nutritional medicine prescription, including supplements, dietary advice and lifestyle recommendations.

Kristen holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine), a Bachelor of Communications and has full association membership with ANTA. She received the 2015 ANTA Academic Excellence Award.

Sonia Savage – MTHFR and Methylation Clinical Nutritionist

Sonia has been mentored by Carolyn Ledowsky and works closely with all her patients. This training has given Sonia specialised knowledge in the area of genetics and epigenetics. Sonia also has a keen interest in auto-immunity, gut health, children’s wellness and fertility.

With a practical, down to earth approach Sonia works with her patients to develop a personalised program to optimise health and wellbeing. As a holistic practitioner a consultation with Sonia will involve not only the analysis of pathology and/or genetic SNPs, she looks closely at health history and environmental stress. As a Clinical Nutritionist Sonia uses specific nutrients and functional foods to address imbalances and reverse chronic health conditions. Sonia will empower you with her whole-food eating plans and provide lots of helpful information to help you to achieve your goals.

Sonia is a fully qualified Nutritionist with an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine with Distinctions). Sonia is a member of ATMS. 

Alex Shaw - Naturopath

Alex is an Australian-trained Naturopath whose areas of expertise include clinical nutrition, botanical medicine and homeopathy.

Alex is extremely passionate about Naturopathic Medicine. Using a wide range of evidence-based natural therapies such as - nutrition, botanicals, homeopathy and counselling techniques. Alex works with her clients in a compassionate way to find the root underlying cause of their condition.

Alex is able to offer individualised treatment plans patients of all ages, covering a broad range of health issues:

  • Food sensitivities and digestive disorders
  • Allergies and skin disorders
  • Anxiety and panic attacks and mood imbalances
  • Immune deficiencies
  • Weight management
  • Sleep disorders; persistent stress and mood imbalances
  • Women’s Health, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fertility, endometriosis, fibroids and hormonal issues

Alex began her career in Hong Kong working in the leading integrative medical practice in Asia and relocated to Sydney in 2019.

Being a mum herself, Alex is naturally drawn to family nutrition and is dedicated to helping parents create delicious, realistic, nutritious meals the whole family can enjoy. She loves working with children and is passionate about sharing easy tools and strategiesfor the whole family unit to help combat stressors that arise in daily life.

Alex is also very interested to helping those with anxiety and stress management. Before natural medicine set Alex on this rewarding career path, she had a high-pressured job in the financial sector while juggling the demands of motherhood. Alex understands first-hand the impact that stress can have on an individual and the family as a whole.

Jessica Birch - Fertility Consultant and Clinical Nutritionist

Jessica Birch is a university-trained natural health practitioner specialising in preconception and fertility.

Over the past 17 years, Jessica has helped hundreds of women achieve extraordinary outcomes through her health + fertility programs.

Jessica's comprehensive approach focuses on all aspects of health + fertility including genetics, nutrition, biochemistry, lifestyle, environment as well as the mind and emotions. 

 Jessica has supported couples through all stages of parenthood including

  • Pre-Conception & Fertility
  • Pregnancy & Birth
  • Post-natal and Beyond

Early in her career, Jessica noticed a significant gap in the care of women during their reproductive years. She saw too many women being told there was "nothing they could do" to improve their reproductive health and fertility, despite clear research proving the otherwise.

Determined to prevent unnecessary suffering and heartache, she has since supported women with multiple conditions previously deemed “untreatable”.


  • Sub-fertility + Infertility
  • Reproductive issues (PCOS, Endometriosis, fibroids, anovulation, menopause, etc)
  • Hormonal imbalances (thyroid, adrenal, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, etc)
  • Difficult pregnancies (e.g. multiple miscarriages, gestational diabetes, hyperemesis gravadium, etc.)
  • Post-partum issues (postpartum depression, mastitis, weight, thyroid, etc.) 

Through her own personal experiences and after watching her courageous clients, Jessica now believes that SO many complications and years of hardship can be prevented by optimising the health of the couple in the 4-8 months BEFORE getting pregnant i.e. the pre-conception period.

She is now on a massive mission to help couples take practical actions that have a positive impact on their fertility, pregnancies, and perhaps most importantly... the life-long health of their children.