MTHFR Support

Who is MTHFR Support?

We are the only dedicated MTHFR clinic in the world that helps you understand how your genes affect your health

MTHFR support uses science and genetics to create exceptional health outcome that transform the lives of patients

We are recognised as world leaders in science-based health management, highly effective healthcare and understanding genetic predispositions. Essentially, we understand genes, and help teach you to understand how genes affect your health.. We use cutting-edge scientific and evidence-based research to fuel our clinic and provide education to both patients and other healthcare practitioners. . We get to the root cause of health issues by taking a rigorous, empathetic approach that empowers patients to regain control of their health outcomes for a better fuller life. As leaders in the field of genetics, we also provide guidance that empowers healthcare practitioners to provide more effective treatment to their patients.

Do you want better health for your family?

AT MTHFR we take a holistic, genetics-based look at your health to help patients finally uncover the answers they need to lead better, healthier lives. 

Carolyn Ledowsky

About the patient clinic

Carolyn Ledowsky, founded the MTHFR Support clinic in 2010 in an effort to support patients that were just not getting the answers they needed to improve their health. They were caught in a system that didnt support chronic health care and needed a different way to approach their health.

The MTHFR Support team consists of 9 practitioners, 7 here in Australia and 2 in the United States. This is the largest clinic in the world specifically dedicated to MTHFR polymorphisms and related biochemical genetic susceptibiltiy.

Carolyn believes that understanding YOUR genetic health solution is truly individualised medicine. Is the way of the future. Its who you are.

Carolyn took on the challenge to find solutions for her “difficult” patients. She threw herself into learning all about how your genes can impact your health and how your diet and lifestyle can impact your genes. From here Carolyn has created a dedicated patient clinic specialising in helping people with chronic health issues to heal, utilising their genetic information to improve treatment outcomes; getting results when others have not.

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Carolyn Ledowsky

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