MTHFR Support



What is MTHFR?

What would make me think I might have a mutation in one of these genes or a problem with my methylation cycle?

What is methylation?

How can I find out if I have a positive MTHFR mutation?

If I get a positive result what does it mean?

What do homozygous and heterozygous mean?

What does a positive result actually mean – what are my genes doing or not doing?

If I have a MTHFR mutation, that means I need to take methylfolate right?

MTHFR and Pregnancy

If I want to speak to my doctor about this can you write a letter to them once I’ve had my appointment?

How can I contact MTHFR Support Australia if I have an enquiry?

How can I keep up to date with what’s happening?

Do you provide consulting and advice on how to address MTHFR gene mutations/can I make an appointment to see a practitioner about MTHFR?

Am I able to claim my consultation fee on Medicare or my private health insurance?

How long does treatment take? When will I see results?

Can you buy methylfolate and other methyl products in Australia?

I’ve read in many places that eating a gluten free and dairy free diet is beneficial for someone with a MTHFR mutation, why is this?

What other diet and/or lifestyle things do I need to consider?

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Carolyn Ledowsky

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