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The Methylation and Genomics Institute

Would you like to better understand genetic susceptibility and patient health?

The Methylation and Genomics Institute is our online accreditation program for healthcare practitioners, medical doctors, naturopaths, and nutritionists who want to create better health outcomes for their patients.

Segmented into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, the MTHFR Support Methylation and Genomics Institute is designed to support healthcare practitioners who are new to genomics through to those with prior experience who want to continue to build their skills.

Our interactive course content is designed to be both engaging and informative with learnings covering a wide variety of topics to help meet the complex demands of today’s healthcare practitioners. 

If you want to up-skill in the interrelationship between genomics, biochemical pathways, environment and epigenetics - you've come to the right place!

Do you want better health for your family?

AT MTHFR we take a holistic, genetics-based look at your health to help patients finally uncover the answers they need to lead better, healthier lives. 

Are you ready to become a Methylation and Genomics Institute Member?

Access to the Institute includes:

  • A combination of both video and text based learnings, allowing you to choose your preferred learning style 
  • Hundreds of hours of presentations, webinars and video content – giving you details history, understanding and analysis of methylation and genomics so you can easily apply it in practice 
  • Access to case studies with detailed analysis, demonstrating how to apply your genomics knowledge clinically 
  • Live education sessions each month so you can engage, ask questions and get the support you need 
  • Access to our 4 part SNP series, detailing the genomic pathways that impact your patient’s health, lives and wellbeing.
  • Handouts, downloads and reference information
  • Access to our dedicated MTHFR Practitioner-only Facebook group

BONUS: We’ve also included access to our monthly deep dives!  Explore health related topics such as COVID-19, detoxification, copper, histamine, oxalates, diet and much more!

The MTHFR Support Methylation and Genomics Institute is hosted by Carolyn Ledowsky.  Carolyn is the founder of MTHFR Support Australia. She is a naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist who has a Bachelor of Herbal Medicine, Bachelor of Naturopathy, Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and Diploma of Nutrition, also having studied courses in genetics at Duke University and The University of Maryland in the US. Read more about Carolyn here.

Carolyn Ledowsky

Are you ready to become a Methylation and Genomics Institute Member?

By becoming an Institute member you get instant access to all these amazing benefits: 

  1. Access to our monthly SNP learning series
  2. Access to all our previous courses
  3. Access to the hundreds of webinars on hundreds of topics
  4. Access to patients handouts and clinic notes
  5. Access to our monthly catch up where Carolyn will give you your Mindmap to print out for each SNP to have a handy desk reference
  6. Your ability to ask questions and get support
  7. Access to our dedicated private Facebook page just for institute members

If you are still only ‘testing the waters’ and have not committed to using genetics for every patient then why not jump in and commit to our year of learning.

The MTHFR SNP learning series is beginning soon. 

This is your opportunity to commit to a year’s worth of genetic SNP learning, and get 18 hours of CPD points doing something you love.

Carolyn has been working with SmartDNA over the last few months to develop the report to include a lot more SNP’s that us methylation and genetic practitioners want to be able to see to help our patients. The first webinar of the year will take you through the added SNP’s and a quick snapshot of their significance.

Each month our practitioner webinar will take you through the categories and do a deep dive into each SNP.

What you will learn: 

  • What does the SNP do? Is it an up regulation or down regulation
  • What does the polymorphisms mean?
  • What influences that polymorphism?
  • What upregulates it?
  • What down regulates it?
  • What does it mean for you in clinical practice?
  • What strategies will you take when you see it? How relevant is it? Does it change your treatment protocol?

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Get FREE access by simply clicking the link below. This will include you into every genetic SNP webinar for the year. As an institute member you will receive:

You will be automatically pre-registered for these webinars



AUD $2364.00



Minimum 12 month commitment

Monthly Training Webinar

Monthly Q&A with Carolyn

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CPE Points!

*Prices + GST if applicable.



Your annual membership includes every webinar for the year PLUS all the institute benefits, You’d be crazy not to join.

If you are a beginner and not sure how to navigate the genetics, why not join our upcoming mastermind program to help get you up to speed. The mastermind plus is ideal for those practitioners who have been doing their own reading but fail to understand the clinical application of genetics or absolute beginners with no knowledge at all. If you would like to discuss this with Carolyn and how it might help you, book your 15 minute free chat now

Carolyn Ledowsky

About Carolyn Ledowsky

Carolyn Ledowsky, founded the MTHFR Support clinic in 2010 in an effort to support patients that were just not getting the answers they needed to improve their health. They were caught in a system that didnt support chronic health care and needed a different way to approach their health.

The MTHFR Support team consists of 9 practitioners, 7 here in Australia and 2 in the United States. This is the largest clinic in the world specifically dedicated to MTHFR polymorphisms and related biochemical genetic susceptibiltiy.

Carolyn believes that understanding YOUR genetic health solution is truly individualised medicine. Is the way of the future. Its who you are.

Carolyn took on the challenge to find solutions for her “difficult” patients. She threw herself into learning all about how your genes can impact your health and how your diet and lifestyle can impact your genes. From here Carolyn has created a dedicated patient clinic specialising in helping people with chronic health issues to heal, utilising their genetic information to improve treatment outcomes; getting results when others have not.

What’s your learning style?

We have developed the Practitioners Training Programs in such a way that it suits whatever your learning style.

Work independently and learn at your own pace

If you prefer to work independently and learn at your own pace, then the Methylation & Genomics Institute is for you. The institute learning platform is all online. The 3 base courses are for you to begin your journey and each month Carolyn will present you with live sessions to improve and extend your education.

Guided Learning

The Mastermind Programme is a dedicated 7 week intensive weekly course. This option is ideal for you if you’d prefer more guided learning to understand the clinical implications of genetic susceptibility. Carolyn will schedule a 15 minute call with you to determine your goals and level of learning. This is a unique way to discover how you can grow your practice by truly addressing chronic health conditions and ensure a never ending wait list of patients that will add $25,000 to $100,000 to your income per year.

1:1 Mentoring

Open to graduates of the Mastermind program, the Mastermind PLUS is an open learning format with practical cases being presented, and includes a fortnightly group meeting online to go through patient cases. Members will have an opportunity to present a patient case, which will be evaluated by Carolyn and the group. Continuing education and understanding is a key part of successful patient management. In an advanced field such as Genetics and Methylation, the importance is magnified, so ensuring your knowledge is current is key to improving patient outcomes.

Free 15 minute call - book an information call with Carolyn to find out if it’s the right fit for you

Gain the confidence to approach any medical condition and know where and how to manage it. 

Book a FREE 15 minute call with Carolyn to understand if this is the right fit for you and your practice.

Carolyn Ledowsky

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