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Are You Methylation and Genomics Savvy?

The MTHFR Support genomics and methylation Institute is an accreditation program which aims to train practitioners of all modalities on how to introduce genetics into clinical practice in an easy and uncomplicated fashion. 

You have a choice to do join the Institute where you will have access to monthly learnings and courses and you can become a member of our Mastermind programme where you can have intensive training to either start your journey or cement the practices for the most advanced practitioners. See below for further details.

The institute learning platform is all online. The 3 base courses are for you to begin your journey and each month Carolyn will present you with live session to improve and extend your education.

The mastermind programme is a dedicated 7 week intensive weekly course. Carolyn will tailor this to suit your specific goals. Carolyn will schedule a 15 minute call with you to determine your goals and level of learning. This is a unique way to discover how you can grow your practice by truly addressing chronic health conditions and ensure a never ending wait list of patients that will add $25,000 to $100,000 to your income per year.

Open to graduates of the Mastermind program, the Mastermind PLUS is an open learning format with practical cases being presented. Continuing education and understanding is a key part of successful patient management.  In an advanced field such as Genetics and Methylation, the importance is magnified, so ensuring your knowledge is current is key to improving patient outcomes.

GEt FREE Access TO "The Folate Pathway" and "all about vitamin b12" videos

  • Video 1: The Folate Pathway
  • Video 2: All About Vitamin B12

Folate pathway and right form of folate

  • Do you know the key genes/enzymes that affect the metabolism of active folate?
  • Do you know why 5-MTHF is the best form to use?
  • Do you know why you wouldn’t use folic acid or folinic?
  • Can you explain this to your patients?
  • Are you having a hard time with methyl folate and your patients?

All About Vitamin B12

  • Do you know the best form of Vitamin B12 to use with your patients?
  • Do you know the best form for genetic SNP’s?
  • Do you know what the active forms are?

practitioner mastermind


Dr. Harry More | Functional Medicine

Dr. Nathan Francis | Nutritionist

Dr. Melissa C. Overman | Ostheopathic, Preventive Medicine

Verona Chadwick| Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist

Discover how you can FINALLY grow your Practice Business by addressing CHRONIC HEALTH CONDITIONS that ensures a never ending WAIT LIST of patients so that you can add an ADDITIONAL $25,000 to $100,000 per year to your income.

  • Attract the right type of patients into your practice and learn the strategies to deal with difficult health conditions
  • Create scalability for your practice while providing better patient outcomes
  • Discover an in-depth understanding of key Methylation Pathways
  • Gain the confidence to approach any medical condition and know where to start
  • Become an MTHFR Preferral Practitioner and get a priority listing on our website which will expose you to thousands of potential patients each month.

about the MTHFR Methylation and genomics institute

The consumer health movement is very powerful and the recent 5G Summit saw more than one million people tune in. Events like these are important for us as practitioners as we try to understand the ever-building wave of the consumer health care movement.
Today’s consumers are savvy, widely read, and want to be empowered to look after their own health as much as possible. Through my involvement in these summits, I have discovered that genetic susceptibility is certainly top of mind for most people, as is the environmental impact that many diseases and stressful events have on our genetics and methylation in general.

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Carolyn Ledowsky is the founder of MTHFR Support Australia. She is a naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist who has a Bachelor of Herbal Medicine, Bachelor of Naturopathy, Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and Diploma of Nutrition, also having studied courses in genetics at Duke University and The University of Maryland in the US. You can learn more about Carolyn and her journey to specialising in MTHFR by clicking here.

Carolyn is a results-oriented health expert who has the ability to provide straightforward and practical advice to address your specific health issues, working with you through the entire course of your healing. Carolyn’s key focus is looking at how your genes impact your health and make you more susceptible to disease. This insight and a thorough health history are invaluable in setting a correct path for your future health.

What you'll get when you join the NEW MTHFR Support Methylation and Genomics Institute

  • One 15-20 minute pre-recorded learning from Australia's leading expert on MTHFR, Carolyn Ledowsky
  • One x 1 hour LIVE Q&A each month for you to ask questions and get support you need and deserve to achieve better patient outcomes
  • One practitioner handout/cheat sheet to help with study and review the learning for each month
  • Two "face to face" In-Person Practitioner Workshops with Carolyn Ledowsky to continue your education. These workshops will be recorded so if you are interstate or overseas you will be able to access it over the internet. One will be in Australia and one in US each year.
  • Access to our Institute Educational Portal which consists of three educational series to help you understand methylation with case studies and live Facebook session recordings. These can be completed at your pace and when you complete these sessions you will receive certificates of completion and invited to our Mastermind.
  • On completion of the Mastermind you will be registered on our websites both here and in the US as an Accredited Practitioner. You will then receive a badge for your website to display. All prices quoted are $AUD.
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