Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Why getting a health check up should be at the top of your list

The beginning of a new year is prime time for many people to set their health related resolutions and goals for the year ahead. Common health goals include things like; losing weight, quitting smoking, introducing an exercise regime or just aiming to live a healthier lifestyle in general.

While these are valuable goals to set yourself, it’s also important to book in your annual health check up before you decide to change your diet drastically or embark on a crazy exercise regimen. Getting the appropriate tests and checks depending on your age and gender is vital for setting yourself up for a healthier year ahead. And once you’re aware of the current state of your overall health, you’ll be able to set yourself realistic health related resolutions.

So here’s some appointments you should think about pencilling in as January approaches.

  • Skin Cancer Check 

No matter where you live in the world, it’s essential to get your skin checked at least annually. Even more so if you live in a country with a particularly high skin cancer rate like Australia or New Zealand.  A skin specialist will be able to quickly identify any suspicious looking moles or skin cancers and have them removed before they do too much harm. 

  • Medication Review 

If you’ve been on any sort of medication long term it’s important to review it with your GP every 12 months or so (including the contraceptive pill). There could be newer, more effective drugs available, your dosage may need to change or your health condition may have rectified itself. 

  • Eye Health Check-up

Getting your eyes tested every couple of years should also be a priority. As we age our eye health deteriorates so it’s important to keep on top of any conditions that may be developing, plus if you already wear glasses you may need a new prescription. 

  • Dental Check + Clean

Proper dental care and hygiene is a must, and ideally you should get your teeth checked and professionally cleaned every 6 months. This allows your dentist to keep on  top of any tooth decay and poor gum health before it becomes a serious (and very expensive) issue. 

  • General Health Check 

Booking in a time to talk to your doctor about how you’re feeling in general is also very important. If you’re continually feeling lethargic, struggling with recurring anxiety or stress or having trouble with chronic pain, there could be an imbalance in your body. Your doctor may suggest getting blood work done or other tests to help determine the cause. 

If this sounds like you, a relatively common gene mutation called MTHFR could possibly be the culprit. Getting tested is the first step. Once you have a diagnosis, you may need to introduce some new supplements into your diet to help alleviate your symptoms. 

When you’re armed with the right knowledge about the overall condition of your health, you’re able to make more informed choices, and set yourself smarter New Year’s Resolutions.

Are you curious about MTHFR Gene Mutation and how it might be affecting your health? You can learn more about getting tested here. 

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