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Gluten and MTHFR

Gluten and MTHFR

Gluten is ubiquitous in many processed foods of today, this should come as a concern, as it negatively affects some of us without ever knowing it is the cause. Individuals with gluten sensitivity and MTHFR can be dealt a double blow where the conditions of both symptoms may amplify each other. We will look at …

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Functional Benefits of Hydroxocobalamin Supplements

Functional Benefits of Hydroxocobalamin Supplements

Hydroxocobalamin is a precursor to methylcobalamin and Vitamin B12. It is usually prescribed in conditions where B12 cannot be properly absorbed in the gut. It is manufactured naturally as a therapeutic agent with the help of your gut bacteria.1 Hydroxocobalamin is red in color and plays an integral part in DNA replication and synthesis, proper …

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