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We have 6 practitioners in our clinic working with patients 6 days a week in assisting them through the minefield of methylation. Carolyn Ledowsky is the MTHFR Specialist in Australia and one of the leading practitioners in this field in the world. She and her practitioners work as a team to support you and your ongoing health conditions.

Although the MTHFR gene and the enzyme that it encodes is crucially important, it’s not the only enzyme that works to keep your biochemistry working efficiently. Carolyn trains practitioners all around the world on how to approach methylation and genetic polymorphisms that may affect your biochemistry.

The understanding of how this is affected by your environment is also crucial.

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Take a look at our free webinar ( ) which provides a detailed overview about MTHFR

Your initial consultation will be for 1.5 hours and can be conducted in person or via skype.

We also have family discounts and loyalty programmes to make your time with us more affordable.

Please call us on 02 9908 1888 to discuss your options.

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