Fertility Testimonials

Suzanne Newman

I just need to say THANK YOU Carolyn Ledowsky for heralding the MTHFR cause and care, because I have had 10 miscarriages, a huge grief in my life and I wished that I knew of you and all this that you teach 15 years ago, as I found NO help through standard western medicine at the time and have suffered so much. 

Jade Murphy

In late November 2017, my husband and I were blessed with the long awaited arrival of our baby boy.

At 38 years of age, my journey to this point had involved five years of trying for a baby including surgery for endometriosis and several miscarriages (both natural and assisted conceptions). As part of this journey to try and conceive a healthy baby, we had dramatically changed our lifestyle and were in good health, but we felt that there was something missing. We sought help from another fertility specialist who understood our deep desire to conceive naturally and it was recommended that we see Carolyn at MTHFR Support given that we both presented with MTHFR gene mutations.

Right from our initial consultation, we were impressed with Carolyn’s research-based and scientific approach. Without even looking at our presenting symptoms and medical history, Carolyn was able to tell us where we would be having health challenges based on our genetic profiles. Carolyn’s ‘hunches’ from the genetic profiles were backed up by our test results and we were amazed at how Carolyn could explain the scientific reason for our health, long standing ailments and emotional wellbeing.

After seeing Carolyn for a short time and following the regime tailored to each of us, we felt happier than we ever had before with the methylation support... we call these our “happy tablets” as our base level of happiness was taken up a notch! My blood tests showed marked improvements in areas that I thought would never shift e.g. thyroid improved, inflammation lowered and my GP even commented that I have a “liver of a teenager”. So for me, I’m confident that I’ve been able to slow my biological clock right down.

Best of all, we naturally conceived very happy and healthy baby! Throughout my pregnancy I felt fully supported with tweaks to my supplement regime to support me and the growth of my baby. He was born full term and we experienced no common newborn ailments. I credit this to him having everything he needed and at the right time for him to grow. Carolyn is very compassionate and provided emotional support which helped me understand the impact of stress on our attempts to conceive and hold a healthy baby. This support has continued with assistance in breastfeeding by naturally encouraging milk supply and guidance around vaccinations.

We are impressed with how Carolyn challenges the status quo and passionately pushes the boundaries of conventional medicine in relation to MTHFR gene mutations and childhood vaccinations. I hope that more people may learn the importance of the methylation process and experience good outcomes with the right support.

Kim Hesse

Carolyn is helping me with my first pregnancy and I can’t be thankful enough that I have her supporting me. My obstetrician is great but very medically focused. In Carolyn I have a sounding board to talk about my health and she is always one step ahead in thinking about my care and talking to me about things my obstetrician is not. For example a safe vaccination process, preparing my body for an easier birth and helping with my energy levels. I feel very confident in her advice and very supported, which is exactly what you want when going through a first pregnancy. Thank you!