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Associations of MTHFR Gene Polymorphisms with Hypertension and Hypertension in Pregnancy: A Meta-Analysis from 114 Studies with 15411 Cases and 21970 Controls

A meta-analysis was conducted by Yang et al (2014) to determine the role of MTHFR polymorphisms in hypertension (H) and hypertension in pregnancy (HIP). 114 studies were selected to examine, totaling 15 411 case subjects and 21 970 controls for the C677T mutation, and 21 studies with 2533 case subjects and 2 976 controls for the A1298C mutation. Results showed a significant association between the C677T polymorphisms and both H and HIP. Examining the results by ethnicity showed significant associations among East Asians and Caucasians, but nut Latinos, Black Africans, Indians and Sri Lankans. No significant results were found for the A1298C mutation in relation to H and HIP.

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