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What Is Glyphosate And How Can It Affect Our Health?

 What Is Glyphosate And How Can It Affect Our Health? Roundup is a popular brand of herbicide by Monsanto and has been making rounds not because of how great a product it is but because of its active ingredient: Glyphosate, a compound declared carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer or IARC. Its […]

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Metagenics Presents Skewed Research at Methylation Seminar

By Carolyn Ledowsky Founder MTHFR Support Australia Last night I attended the Methylation Seminar in Sydney presented by Metagenics. The presentation started with a discussion on how Methylation is important for key metabolic processes like creatine synthesis, phospholipid synthesis, cell communication and DNA repair. Case studies were presented for each of these and we were […]

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