Join our FREE 10-Day ‘MTHFR in Preconception’ Email Course!

Join our FREE 10-Day ‘MTHFR in Preconception’ Email Course!


In line with our current focus on MTHFR in preconception, our founder and MTHFR expert Carolyn Ledowsky has been busy creating and hosting our FREE 10-day email course: ‘10 Days to a Healthy Pregnancy with MTHFR‘.

In the course you will be sent one email per day for 10 days, walking you through the 10 most vital diet and lifestyle steps for a healthy and thriving pregnancy, all presented with a focus on MTHFR.

With so much evidence showing the strong link between maternal and paternal health and the health of their offspring, we know it is so important for any couple looking to fall pregnant to ensure they are the healthiest they can be before attempting conception.

However, for those who have the MTHFR mutation, a healthy and targeted preconception period really is non-negotiable.

Whether you are currently experiencing issues with falling pregnant, have recently discovered you have a positive MTHFR mutation, are yet to start trying or have had pregnancy complications in the past, let Carolyn walk you through this actionable and understandable course – as having a healthy and thriving pregnancy and baby with MTHFR is possible!

Joining is simple, just  head on over to this sign-up page and enter your best email, and you’ve officially started!

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FREE 10-day 'MTHFR in preconception' email course!