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Second Wind the Podcast with Carolyn Ledowsky

From Second Wind the Podcast:

This episode with Dr. Carolyn Ledowsky, founder of MTHFR support in Australia, is the first of a series that will share her research and practical knowledge of our health through genetics; specifically the methylation of folic acid and its effects within our bodies and aging. Dr. Ledowsky is on the cutting edge of new research and is on a mission to stop the fortification of folic acid in our foods for the simple fact that it can act like poison. This episode has so much to offer and will be remarkably presented by Dr. Carolyn.



  • The MTFHR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) gene: What is it and why is it important?
  • How stress compromises your immune system.
  • Eating the right kinds of meat.
  • How your diet affects your anxiety levels.
  • Going back to basics: knowing what’s in your food.



“My grandparents didn’t buy anything in a packet. If my grandmother wanted a cake, she would make it. If she wanted a biscuit, she would make it”

“I think one of the biggest issues that women have is that their relationships with foods aren’t positive; we need to really understand that we are what we eat.”



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Carolyn Ledowsky

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