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Initial Appointment Information
 & Documentation

Please read the important information below prior to completing your initial forms:

  • Please find below a list of generally recommended bloods to have prior to attending an appointment at MTHFR Support Australia, our patient treatment model and pricing and two initial documents to be read, filled out and sent back to the clinic with any accompanying genetic and/or blood results at least 72 hours from your appointment time.

To send back these documents correctly, please:

  1. Click on each link below
  2. When the new window opens the document, save to your computer in an easily accessible place e.g. Desktop or My Documents
  3. Open the file from this location and fill all out all necessary information
  4. Re-save these documents
  5. Attach both documents to an email, and send to the clinic via
  • Failure to complete these within the above time frame may result in appointment cancellation or rescheduling

Recommended List of Bloods

This is a general list that your practitioner will work with in your initial appointment to garner an insight into your current health and use to develop your treatment plan moving forward:

  • MTHFR Gene Test (if not already completed)
  • Full Blood Count
  • Full Biochemistry (Inc Uric Acid and LFTs)
  • Lipid Studies
  • Iron Studies
  • Serum Copper and Plasma Zinc
  • Folate and Serum B12
  • Homocysteine
  • TSH
  • Vitamin D
  • Whole Blood Histamine

Further blood work may be required after your initial appointment as any other blood testing beyond this is individualised to your presentation and will be recommended upon commencing treatment with the clinic.

* These tests are not compulsory to attend an appointment, but are helpful to make the most out of your initial appointment. Otherwise please bring along any blood test results you have completed in the past 4 – 6 months.

Initial Patient Questionnaire – adults and children

Please click here to access and download the initial patient questionnaire

Patient Health Contract

Please click here to access and download the patient health contract

Patient Follow Up

Please click here to access the patient follow up form.

Contact Us:

Please call the clinic on 02 9908 1888 if you are experiencing any difficulties with this process

We look forward to supporting you on your journey to optimal health.

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