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Our Mission

MTHFR Support uses science and genetics to create exceptional health outcomes that transform the lives of patients, while being recognised as world leaders in science-based health management, highly effective naturopathic healthcare and genetic dispositions.

Our Vision

We use cutting-edge scientific and evidence-based research to fuel our clinic and educate others. We get to the root cause of health issues and diseases by taking a rigorous, empathetic approach that empowers patients to regain control of their health outcomes for a

Our Goals

By utilising the power of science and genetics, MTHFR Support aims to be proactive leaders in treating the underlying causes of illness and disease. 

We will empower patients with the knowledge  and support they need to transform and regain control of their health. 

We aim to integrate holistic medicine and the traditional health system to shape a future where no health problems are dismissed or ignored. Because we believe in a future where everyone’s health concerns are met, listened to, and respected with care, empathy and compassion. 

Our Values

  1. We are committed to pioneering health and science

    We are committed to the power of knowledge and pioneering the health industry through science. We take the lead as pioneers in health and science to empower others in taking back control of their health. 

  2. We are the voice for change

    Our approach to a world of better health combines cutting-edge health sciences and genetics. We work towards education, transformation and creation of better health outcomes by digging deeper, and being the voice for change.

  3. We are dedicated to personalised care and finding solutions

    By taking a proactive approach to patient health, we focus on finding effective solutions that create long-term changes for the individual patient. With great determination and dive we pride ourselves on getting to the root cause of each health problem, investigating every avenue and paying attention to the finest details. We are rigorous and committed to finding solutions at every stage of a patient’s journey with us.

  4. Empowering patients with simplicity

    Health and wellness can be stressful to manage, and often comes with complexity, but when it comes to empowering our patients, we believe simplicity is the key. We want every patient to feel empowered and confident in their ability to take control of their own health.

  5. Compassion and empathy fuels our purpose

    Compassion and empathy are at the core of our approach. We understand how it feels to have health issues dismissed, minimised, or ignored and pride ourselves on creating an environment where patients feel safe, truly seen and heard.

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Carolyn Ledowsky

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