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Carolyn Ledowsky

Mthfr, Anxiety, And Fertility With Carolyn Ledowsky From Mthfr Australia

Carolyn Ledowsky is the queen of MTHFR in Australia. She is the founder of MTHFR Support Australia, a Health Scientist, Researcher, naturopath, herbalist, and nutritionist. Carolyn has many areas of study under her belt, including a Bachelor of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine, and additional diplomas in naturopathy and nutrition. Carolyn is currently doing her Ph.D. at the University of Technology Sydney to study the effect of different forms of folate on fertility in those with MTHFR polymorphisms.

In this episode, Carolyn shares her knowledge of MTHFR including:

  • The three different forms of folate and the one she prefers to use with her patients;
  • What is a “MTHFR polymorphism“, and how it affects your health;
  • Common signs and symptoms of MTHFR polymorphisms;
  • The importance of preconception care and how many generations are affected by preconception care;
  • When we should be thinking about testing for MTHFR polymorphisms in children;
  • The biggest environmental triggers that are altering children’s methylation pathways;
  • The common foods that our kids should be avoiding or limiting, and why it’s a problem to consume these products;
  • Plus SO much more.

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Carolyn Ledowsky

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