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Cleft Palate

What is Cleft Lip or Palate?

A fissure in the midline  of the palate due to the failure of the two sides to fuse in embryonic development. Only part of the palate may be affected, or the cleft may be extend the full length with bilateral clefts at the front of the mouth. The cleft may be accompanied by a split lip and tooth formation disturbances.

Cleft palates can be corrected by surgery.


Mothers of children born with Cleft Lip or Palate were examined for involvement of the MTHFR C677T & A1298C mutation, folic acid supplementation and environmental exposure. Ibarra-Lopez et al (2013) found there to be an increased risk of having a child with C L/P in mothers with C667T or 677TT mutation in comparison to those with the normal C677C genotype. A lack of folate supplementation in the first trimester also contributed to the development of C L/P, which was further compounded by the presence of T677T or C677T MTHFR polymorphism. No association with A1298C in mothers and children with C L/P was found.

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