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What is Alcoholism?

The syndrome due to physical dependence on alcohol, such that sudden deprivation may cause withdrawal symptoms – tremours, anxiety, hallucinations and delusions.

Usually several years of heavy drinking is needed for alcoholism to develop, but the range is from one to 40 years.

Alcoholism impairs intellectual function, physical skills, memory and judgment. Social skills, such as conversation, are preserved until a later stage.

Heavy consumption of alcohol also causes heart issues, degradation of the liver and circulatory problems.


This study by Benyamina et al (2009) examined the link between MTHFR C677T, homocysteine metabolism and alcohol dependance in alcoholic patients. The 677TT allele was found to be more prevalent in alcoholic patients with a milder alcohol dependance and also depression, stating screening for this mutation could aid physicians in identifying alcoholic patients and improve addiction outcomes.

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