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Kirsten Wenborne – Clinical Nutritionist

Kirsten is an accredited Clinical Nutritionist with a special interest in methylation and MTHFR.

Her approach is to work in a holistic way to help restore balance, good health and wellbeing. She considers not only your genetics but your environment and will partner with you to find underlying causes of imbalance, rather than just treating your symptoms. Kirsten will look at the patterns in your life, support you with the use of specific nutrients and functional foods and see you feel so much better for it.

Kirsten’s areas of interest cover nutrition for:

  • paediatric health including ADHD, autism, allergies, learning and behavioural difficulties
  • mental health including mood disorders and anxiety in adults and children
  • digestive disorders and gut health
  • autoimmunity and inflammation
  • wellness including stress, fatigue and weight management

Kirsten holds an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and is also furthering her studies as she completes a Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine.

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