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At MTHFR Support we are a team of Naturopaths and Nutritionists that specialise in understanding your genetic susceptibility to disease. We uncover  any genetic deficiencies that might affect your ability to recover from illness. We look at genetic susceptibility to disease and understand where your biochemistry is letting you down. This significantly affects your ability to cope with environmental influences like infection, mould, candida etc. We work way deeper than most practitioners: by understanding what your genes are doing, it’s truly individualised medicine and the practitioners will be able to devise a plan that is specific to you. 

Naturopaths and Nutritionists at our clinic both work to identify and treat the root cause of your health concerns by utilising pathology and functional testing. They both incorporate a variety of diet and lifestyle modifications in combination with supplementation into your treatment protocol. However, Naturopaths have also been trained to utilise homoeopathic and herbal medicine as part of their treatment protocol where necessary.

At MTHFR Support our practitioners will work with you to identify and treat the root cause of your health concerns. This 90 minute appointment will involve thorough case history taking and analysis of your New Patient Profile, in combination with pathology, functional testing and genetic analysis (if you have it). Your practitioner will use this information to create a treatment protocol that combines diet and lifestyle modifications in combination with supplementation and recommend any further testing that may be required.

In preparation for an initial appointment we require all new patients to complete a New Patient Profile and Patient Health Contract. These documents must be submitted ideally 1 week prior to your appointment and no later than 48 business hours prior to your appointment to allow your practitioner time to properly prepare.

To get the most out of your initial appointment we recommend that you get this list of recommended bloods tested (preferably no more than 6 months old). In addition to this, we recommend genetic testing through SmartDNA. This test covers over 160 DNA changes. The Genomic Wellness Test is the most affordable, scientifically up to date and comprehensive analysis with action steps to assist the practitioner with a personalised optimal wellness program for their client. This information will give your practitioner an understanding of your genetic predisposition and current biochemistry, to enable them to tailor a treatment plan to optimise metabolic, endocrine and neurological health. 


Please note: Although these are recommended, they are not essential for you to complete your initial appointment and if you would prefer to discuss further testing with your practitioner, please let our booking team know. 


These documents must be submitted ideally 1 week prior to your appointment and no later than 48 business hours prior to your appointment to allow your practitioner time to properly prepare.

Please note if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment please contact reception on (02) 9908 1888 or email We require 48 business hours notice, or the full fee of the appointment will be charged using the credit card details stored on file. 

Yes, all practitioners offer online appointments which are conducted online using Zoom. Once you have booked your appointment a confirmation email will be sent to you with the date, time and a link to join your appointment online.

From our practitioner team Alex Shaw, Kate Troup and Sonia Savage consult in-person on a regular basis from our clinic in Neutral Bay.

Our clinic is located at Suite 216, Level 2, 40 Yeo St Neutral Bay NSW 2089. There is free street parking located around the clinic and you can also access the clinic easily by bus. 

Yes absolutely. The MTHFR team works with many specialists, doctors and other health practitioners around Australia. We have a collaborative approach to health care and believe that your GP and other healthcare practitioners should be across MTHFR and methylation issues.

MTHFR Support Australia has developed a practitioner login section on this website, enabling your health professional access to detailed information, research, patient handouts and a space to request further information and appointments for patients. We all need to be looking after your health together

We are dedicated to improving your health and appreciate that you may need some urgent advice at times, however we are also mindful of respecting practitioner time.

 Please follow the following procedures to help you in a timely manner:

  1. Feel free to email your practitioner in the week after your appointment with any questions relating to your current treatment plan.
  2. Outside of that, any non-urgent email correspondence must be sent to our bookings manager to upload to your file for your next appointment. If you would like to update your practitioner on progress or providing test results please email and we will upload the file to your file in readiness for your next appointment.
  3. If you consider this information more urgent and need immediate support, you have the following options:
    1. Move your appointment to an earlier time to discuss this with your practitioner – email or simply click on the link in your appointment confirmation to move your appointment. 
    2. If the matter is URGENT, we can organise a 15 minute call with your practitioner at $65. Please call the clinic on 02 9908 1888 so this can be done as soon as possible.
    3. Request a 15 minute appointment for your practitioner to address this issue now via email. This time will be charged at $65 and your practitioner will respond within the next 24-48 hours.

Always call  02 9908 1888 if you have an URGENT matter, otherwise these systems and procedures are in place to ensure that communication is escalated appropriately.


As Of April 1, 2019 The Federal Government has stopped the rebate of Naturopathy services. However, some health funds do still rebate Nutrition appointments under Extras cover, such as NIB, HBF, AHM, CUA Health and Westfund. 

Our treatment is highly individualised and it is therefore extremely difficult to say. A good way to look at it is, for every year you have a condition allow a month to address it. So if you have been sick for 10 years, it will take 10 months for you to see results. However many of our patients will see results within weeks.

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