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Child Behaviour

We can help you understand how genetics may improve childhood behavioural issues.

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Child Behaviour

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Child Behaviour

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Child Behaviour

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At MTHFR Support we know your child’s condition does not exist in isolation, we focus on looking at the body as a whole, by addressing; 

  • Is there a genetic susceptibility? This is key, because without understanding what your child’s genetic susceptibility is, we cannot support him/her to ensure that the genes that are affecting them are supported. Whether we need to up regulate a enzyme,down regulated an enzyme or simply put more cofactors in, this is the critical first step in ensuring the changes allow your child to progress and be well supported nutritionally going forward
  • Deficient pathways which can affect neurotransmitters in the brain, detox, sleep, histamine and much more
  • Improving digestion which can affect your child’s ability to get important nutrients. Research shows us that the gut brain connection is a key player in mental health. It’s not uncommon to see major psychological upsets following a gut infection and/or gut treatment.
  • Supporting detoxification pathways to improve the ability to metabolise toxins 
  • Ensuring that environmental triggers like exposure to mould, viruses and yeast infections have been assessed
  • Ensuring that blood work has been assessed to ensure key nutrients like zinc, copper, manganese, selenium are at optimal levels as these affect many pathways that control mood and behaviour.

Your child’s genes are their susceptibility, but this does not mean that this has to be their destiny. For example, if there is a strong family history of anxiety and depression, and the conditions are right for this to be expressed, there is a good chance that anxiety and depression may be present in your child, however knowing this is very powerful, because we can see where your family history is going and take the steps to ensure your child does not end up the same way. And we do this through looking at your genes via a DNA test. 

Knowledge will empower you to change your child’s behaviour

Childhood Behaviour Packages
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Childhood behavioural issues include ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, seizures, learning delays and tantrums. A multidisciplinary approach to treatment including certain pharmaceuticals (where necessary), nutritional and herbal medicines, behavioural therapy and family support shows positive results. Most behavioural issues are accompanied by physical health complaints, with poor methylation contributing to symptoms. Improving methylation and the key pathways may reduce the severity of symptoms and improve manageability.

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