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Alex Shaw



Alex is an Australian-trained Naturopath whose areas of expertise include clinical nutrition, botanical medicine and homeopathy.

Alex is extremely passionate about Naturopathic Medicine. Using a wide range of evidence-based natural therapies such as - nutrition, botanicals, homeopathy and counselling techniques. Alex works with her clients in a compassionate way to find the root underlying cause of their condition.

Alex is able to offer individualised treatment plans patients of all ages, covering a broad range of health issues including food sensitivities, immune deficiencies, stress and mood imbalances.  

Alex began her career in Hong Kong working in the leading integrative medical practice in Asia and relocated to Sydney in 2019.

Being a mum herself, Alex is naturally drawn to family nutrition and is dedicated to helping parents create delicious, realistic, nutritious meals the whole family can enjoy. She loves working with children and is passionate about sharing easy tools and strategies for the whole family unit to help combat stressors that arise in daily life.

Alex is also very interested to helping those with anxiety and stress management. Before natural medicine set Alex on this rewarding career path, she had a high-pressured job in the financial sector while juggling the demands of motherhood. Alex understands first-hand the impact that stress can have on an individual and the family as a whole.

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