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Functional Benefits of Hydroxocobalamin Supplements

Hydroxocobalamin is a precursor to methylcobalamin and Vitamin B12. It is usually prescribed in conditions where B12 cannot be properly absorbed in the gut. It is manufactured naturally as a therapeutic agent with the help of your gut bacteria.1 Hydroxocobalamin is red in color and plays an integral part in DNA replication and synthesis, proper […]

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  Methylcobalamin, also referred to as MeB12 and MeCbl, is a member of the cobalamin family and is one of the naturally occurring coenzyme forms of cobalamin found in the human body. Structurally, Methylcobalamin exists in octahedral form with Cobalt (III) at the center containing metal alkyl bonds[1]. It is considered an equivalent to cobalamin […]

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Are You Suffering From B12 Deficiency?

Are You Suffering From B12 Deficiency? I believe one of the most overlooked deficiencies in Australia, and probably worldwide, is B12 deficiency. Our reference ranges are too low and so people don’t really notice when they’re B12 deficient. Just this morning I saw a beautiful couple for fertility issues. Their B12 was so low, it was below 100umol/L. […]

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