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Melanie Sheen

Melanie Sheen

Naturopath and Nutritionist

Melanie is a qualified and experienced Naturopath and Nutritionist with over 18 years experience. She works as part of the MTHFR Australia team, focusing on mental health, anxiety and depression. She is a trained  MTHFR Mastermind practitioner and focuses on addressing genetic susceptibility and environmental pressures contributing to poor health and disease.

Her extensive experience extends to the interpretation of pathology and many functional health testing including ALCAT, DUTCH, OAT, Mycotoxins, Complete gut microbiome, Neurotransmitter profiles, QEEG brain mapping and genetic testing to further understand the causative factors of disease.

Melanie’s journey into naturopathic medicine and nutrition began over two decades ago when her mother lost her battle to breast cancer. This epoch moment in her life lead her to study the biological processes of disease and the practice of Naturopathy through the use of herbal and nutritional medicine. Her lived experience with mental health imbalances encouraged her to conduct further research and study the causative factors of mental health disease and the role that genetics plays. 

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