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For Practitioners

For Practitioners

Everyday we hear from practitioners that are delving into the minefield that is methylation for the first time and who quickly become overwhelmed. Methylation is a difficult topic to grasp. It’s not one that is taught at Universities and Colleges and so it's up to the individual to learn. This takes a lot of time, and time is something we are all short on. The Practitioner Resource Center is designed to be your one-stop-shop for methylation, genetics & MTHFR information. As a member of our community, you will have ongoing access to cutting-edge methylation resources, clinical diagnostic materials, & more. This program will give you the tools to identify which genes you should be looking for in your patients and strategies to help you work with even the most difficult patients. Join us now and start your path to becoming a methylation expert. 

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Short digital trainings to expand your knowledge of the MTHFR mutation so you can deliver more successful outcomes to your clients 


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For years I kept struggling with chronic fatigue, waking up feeling tired and falling asleep in the car next to my husband, on the way to work. It affected my mood a lot: feeling sad and stressed easily, crying easily and at times feeling depressed. Regular blood tests and sleeping tests didn’t provide results. Then someone suggested I should get checked at MTHFRSupport. They found many imbalances that hadn’t been picked up in regular blood tests and started treating me. I now feel so much more rested, cheerful and energetic and can deal with challenges without getting stressed out. My family and colleagues have noticed the difference! Now I am the one cheering up others! My practitioner has been very caring, supportive and encouraging. I still see her once in a while to make sure I stay on track.


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Carolyn Ledowsky

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