Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist

Lisa Witherow is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner who focuses on genomics to help clients regain control over their health. After developing a wellness center in the US in 2009 and working to support clients with their brain health, she expanded to include genetic analysis to help identify the specific needs of individuals that will promote optimal health. 

Lisa is passionate about the use of DNA to help people recognize the specific nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors that can promote or derail their health. “The knowledge of our genetics can allow us to create a personalized approach based on the strengths and weaknesses within our biological pathways. When we can support the weaker areas and avoid the specific elements that our bodies can’t eliminate efficiently, it stands to reason that our risk of chronic disease will be reduced.”

Lisa holds a Master’s of Human Health Services Management, a Bachelor of Communications, and is certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Neurotherapy, and Nutrigenomics. She has also completed more than 10 programs in focused areas of genomic analysis including nutrition, methylation, detoxification, inflammation, and oxidative stress.

US based, Lisa adds a new dimension to our available booking times, making it even easier to speak to one of our Clinicians.